Bristol School of Gymnastics 

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27 years of  bouncing, swinging, jumping, vaulting, skipping, twisting, flicking, leaping, running,       fun

    We pride ourselves that we have a place for every child.


   if you want to have fun,

if you want to fly,

 if you want to flic,

      if you want to be a champion





Bristol School of Gymnastics was the first privately owned gym to open in Bristol.

It was opened in 1986 by British Champion Hayley Price.

We have classes for Pre-school children up to National level gymnasts.

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Where are we:

      245 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol

     We are in what used to be Bishopston Methodist Church; on the corner of Gloucester Road and Wesley Road.

     However there is a 245a Gloucester Road which is a house down the road and Bishopston Methodist Church has moved into the house next door. It's very confusing for the postman and the little old ladies looking for the church jumble sales.



Just look for the sign on the railings.